11th Street Innocent Glamor Office Girl (2021)

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The bizarre temptation of an innocent glamorous office girl who prefers men to coffee! Ji-hoon, the owner of a cafe, is worried because he has not been able to do business recently. When Jihoon first opened a cafe, he had a good business and had many customers. Young-eun, a nearby office worker who came as a guest, became close with a regular customer at a cafe and started dating, and now lives together. At the cafe, where he is worried because there are no customers, only Taesik, who is a nuisance, sometimes comes to play. Jihoon treats him as an acquaintance and offers free coffee to him, who says he has a lot of money but only for free. But the playboy Taesik has a different purpose. While having an affair with Ji-hoon’s girlfriend, Young-eun, he proposes to break up with Ji-hoon and start dating him, but Young-eun is hesitating because he can’t tell Ji-hoon to break up with him. Did Ji-hoon break up with Young-eun according to Tae-sik’s plan?

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