Purpose Of Marriage Exchange (2019)

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Nan-hee, his wife, tries every day to revive her husband, Moo-young, who has a hard time having sex after marriage. However, once cooled down, Moo-young’s libido shows no signs of returning and begins to show symptoms of erectile dysfunction. However, Nan-hee does not give up and tries the best she can for her husband, Moo-young. Even with Nan-hee’s efforts, Moo-young does not have an erection. Then one day, Yuna and Sunggi move to their next door. Seonggi and Yuna, who have been married for 5 years, are better off drinking than any newlyweds. Nan-hee, who was envious of Yuna and the couple’s taboos, visits Yuna and hears about the secrets of the couple’s taboos. Their secret is to give each other the freedom to have sex once a month, so called “Roman Holiday.”

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Genre: 18+, KOREA 18+

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